On this page you will find a selection of websites that allows you researching in corpus.

Linguee is based on a corpus consisting of bilingual texts. It enables you to search words and/or phrases, associating Portuguese to English, German, French and Spanish.

Atlas Sémantique enables you to search synonyms and/or the French/English words occurrence (separately or simultaneously) there is a visual map with the results making the translator work easier in case of doubt.

Compara is a parallel corpus, and two-ways corpus of Portuguese and English. It is a kind of database with original texts in Portuguese and English, and their respective translations connecting phrase by phrase.

OPUS is a corpus based on texts from the Internet and its translations in many languages. There are available texts from the European Parliament, European Central Bank, subtitling. It allowed a monolingual or multilingual searching.

Per-fide is a corpus of parallel texts in six languages: Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German and English.

Corpus Concordance English is a corpus in English, French, Spanish and German.

The British National Corpus (BNC) is a monolingual corpus with 100 million words of contemporary, written and oral, English.

Centro de linguística da Universidade de Lisboa is a monolingual corpus of European and African, written and oral, Portuguese.

Corpus Electrónico do CELGA is a monolingual corpus of the Classical Portuguese (CEC – PPC)

Corpus français de l’Université de Leipzig has a database with 37 millions phrases, and about 700 millions words in French.

Cocoon enables you to research, in corpus, oral texts in French.

Pioneer Chula is a website with hyperlinks to monolingual and bilingual corpus in many languages.

Sketch Engine is a website in English explaining how to research in corpus, and how to use regular expressions.

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