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Paid Softwares

MTCM has been granted free access to Memsource Academic Edition, an academic program designed for universities with translation courses.

MetaTexis. It runs in Microsoft Word®. MetaTexis offers many functions and options different from some CAT tools. The great advantage of the integration in Word is that you do not have to learn a completely new program. You only have to learn some new functions. This is a paid CAT tool whose pricing varies from 39 € to 139€. However, it has a 30 day trial.

STAR TS Translation Services. Download translation manuals, filters and translation tools (CAT). Its Download Centre contains specialist translation tools and information for technical translation. Over 1000 language combinations with a native Translator service working in-country.

Alchemy CATALYST.This is a paid translation program that its purchase you must open an account, a register, pay it and only then it will give you the permission to make your download. However it’s a paid translation program, it includes a free pack update service.

SDL Trados Studio 2014 Professional is the complete translation environment for corporate language professionals, who want to edit, review and manage translation projects, as well as organize corporate terminology. Professional software translation program. It must be bought but it gives users the opportunity of a 30 day trial.

Wordbee is a paid Automatic translation software and machine translation (MT)This machine translation can be done in various stages of the translation workflow, depending on users needs and its translation memory can be leveraged properly before the application of machine translation. This programme can also post-edit translations.

MemoQ is a paid programme that can automatically retrieve everything that one has translated before. Its customizable filters ensure proper import of various document types like Microsoft Office files, HTML, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, XLIFF, XML and it can also cope with complicated file formats, such as XML embedded into Excel. memoQ can also translate TTX files, bilingual DOC or XLIFF files, SDL Worldserver, Transit packages or Wordfast files. This programme also allows the re-usage of some translation resources, such as translation memories, term bases, reference materials, corpora, auto-correct lists, ignore lists and so on. memoQ comes with a package of concepts and features and it gives customers the opportunity of a 45-day free version trial.

Free Softwares: 

Ajaxtrans. Free Instant Translator for your desktop. It translates the text as it is typed. You need to download the program to take advanyage of its translation functions. It’s a totally free program compatible with Windows 2000/XP / Vista.

Babylon. Free on-line translator and dictionary programme with also the possibility to download it for free.

GramTrans. Free net automatic translator with the possibility of translating both texts and web pages. GramTrans will allow an unlimited daily number of word or sentence translations. For longer texts, document translation and other services policy a license is needed for regular use.

SYSTRANet. Free online machine translator with the possibility to translate Word documents, PDF and web pages, as well as complete files and RSS ones, although in these two an account opening is required . This program has also the function of a dictionary and gives users the possibility of creating a personal dictionary, My dictionary.

Wordlingo. Free translation online. This programme allows users to translate online for free texts, documents, websites and emails.

Virtaal. Free download multi-format  translation toolkit, especially for engineering.

OmegaT is a free translation memory application written in Java. This tool is intended for professional translators. It does not translate for you.

Poedit.It is a free program used in processes of software internationalization. It is a tool developed for various platforms, via gettext catalogs that simplifies translation operations. Unlike others, this software shows data in a compact structure. The entries are arranged in a list so that navigation could be immediate. Thus, the user can check how many terms have been translated and how many are still missing. The program has got other important features such as support for plural formats and automatic compilation of file types MO. The Poedit can also reuse the translations file PO, MO and RPM types.

Pootle. It integrates user suggestions, terminology, Translation Memory, Machine Translation and more. Key localization file formats are supported, including Gettext PO, XLIFF, Java properties, PHP arrays and many more supported by the  Translate Toolkit.

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